NTSB Report ANC88FA022 (Failure to sustain flight -1987)

NTSB Report ANC91FA142 (Engine Failure - 1991)

Cessna 208 Caravan (Supervan 900)
S/N 20800053

20800053 was manufactured in 1985 with a Pratt & whitney Canada PT6A engine which was rated at 650hp, initaially carried the US registration N9438F and was registered to HERMENS MARKAIR EXPRESS INC

On December 19, 1987 at 1155 N9438F Crashed in Bethel Alaska, The aircraft failed to sustain flight due to wing ice, a tail wind and the weight and balance having been exceeded. It landed on snow covered terrain the nose wheel collapsed and the aircraft was damaged.

The aircraft was repaired and continued to fly for approximately four years until September the 3rd 1991 in Dillingham Alaska, when it crashed again this time due to an engine failure caused by the pilot inproperly installing the oil dipstick during preflight.The pilot managed to land the aircraft in the tundra,but it nosed over causing Damage to the aircraft.

Again the aircraft was repaired and on the 21st of September 1992 the registration was changed to Styles Aviation Inc in La Grangeville NE

The aircraft then changed hands again in 2001 going to Aire Express where it was used as a skydiving jump plane, it was spotted in Puerto Rico and many other places, It was last active with Aire Express in 2006. It was seen derelict and missing its engine In Florida and New jersey. (click on name for photos)

In 2008 the registration was changed to MCCOLE KEVIN.

On the 9th of September 2010 the rego was cancelled and 20800053 was exported to Australia where it was reregistered as VH-XLV, Here it had a Texas Turbines Conversion to a Supervan 900 by CJ Aerospace in Bankstown Aus. This conversion replaces the 625hp Pratt & Whitney PT6 with a 900hp Honeywell TPE331-12JR engine and the standard 3 Blade propeller with a 4 blade propeller.

It Now operates as a Skydiving jump plane at Sydney Skydivers.









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