The Cessna 180 Skywagon is an all metal four passenger high wing monoplane with a fixed tailwheel landing gear. A semi-monocoque fuselage is used and there are two yard-wide doors on each side of the cabin.

The 180 was produced from 1953 until 1981 when production was stopped due to lowering sales in the light aircraft market.

Cessna 180

One 170kW (225hp) Continental O-470-A flat six piston engine driving a two blade constant speed McCauley prop.


Max speed 267km/h (144kt), cruising speed 260km/h (140kt). Initial rate of climb 1150ft/min. Service ceiling 20,000ft. Range 1247km (673nm).


Empty 690kg (1520lb), max takeoff 1158kg (2550lb).


Wing span 10.98m (36ft 0in), length 7.98m (26ft 2in), height 2.29m (7ft 6in). Wing area 16.2m2 (174sq ft).


Seating Capacity

Has standard seating for four, 180 Skywagon has seating for six.



There was a total of 6210 180s produced.


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