The Cessna 185 Skywagon is an all metal four passenger high wing monoplane with a fixed tailwheel landing gear. A semi-monocoque fuselage is used and there are two yard-wide doors on each side of the cabin.

The 185 was introduced in 1961 and had more power and higher useful load. It was produced until 1985.

Cessna 185

One 225kW (300hp) fuel injected IO-520-D driving a three blade constant speed prop.


Max speed 283km/h (153kt), max cruising speed 272km/h (147kt), long range cruising speed 207km/h (111kt). Initial rate of climb 1075ft/min. Service ceiling 17,900ft. Range with reserves 1575km (850nm).


Empty 783kg (1727lb), max takeoff 1520kg (3350lb).


Wing span 10.92m (35ft 10in),

Length 7.81m (25ft 8in).

Wing area 16.2m2.

Seating Capacity

Has Seating for Six.


Total 185 production 4339 aircraft including 265 U-17A and 215 U-17B military variants and 109 AgCarryalls.


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