A68-104 – VH-BOB
Commonwealth Aircraft CA-18 Mustang Mk21 (P51D)

 A68-104 was built by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation in September 1947
and was accepted by the RAAF in November of that year. It regularly flew with
the RAAF between 1950 and 1955, logging 551 hours flying time.
In 1960 it was sold to a Sydney scrap metal dealer, then it went to Bankstown
and Mascot Airport where it sat until April 1964.
In 1964 Dr Tony Fisher purchased it and made it airworthy. It was flown over
the next few years with RAAF markings and the call-sign NA-68.
The Mustang was purchased by its current owner, Bob Eastgate in 1970
The aircraft sat in Jerildere for 3 years while the crew of engineers worked
weekends to bring it up to ferry standard.
In March 1973 the aircraft successfully flew down to Essendon Airport where it
had a major rebuild and overhaul which included installing a second seat in
place of the fuselage fuel tank.
On the 26th of February 1976 A68-104 registered on the civil Aircraft register as
On the 5th of April 2008 VH-BOB suffered a wheels up landing and is out of
action, it is estimated that it should be up and flying again in late 2011 or early




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