The Yakovlev Yak-18T is a four-place, fully aerobatic aircraft which was introduced in the late 80s to train Aeroflot pilots. The Yak 18T was one of few four place light aircraft to be built in the Soviet Union during the Cold War years.

The Yak 18T was based on the Yak 18 series of two seat military trainers

Yakovlev Yak 18T (Як-18T)

One 265kW (355hp) Vedneyev/VOKBM M-14P nine cylinder radial piston engine driving a two blade variable pitch metal propeller.


Max speed 295km/h (159kt), economical cruising speed 210km/h (113kt). Service ceiling 18,120ft. Range 580km (313nm).


Empty 1217kg (2683lb), max takeoff 1650kg (3637lb).


Wing span 11.16m (36ft 11in), length 8.39m (27ft 7in), height 3.4m (11ft 2in). Wing area 18.8m2 (202.4sq ft).

Seating Capacity

Has standard seating for 4


There was an estimated total of 200 produced between 1967 & 1989, production resumed by the Smolensk Aircraft Factory in 1993.


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